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An Evolving Mission...

Liberty Launch was conceived and founded with one clear directive: to support the warfighter through access to the therapeutic environment of the Chesapeake Bay. 


To fund this mission, we organized as a Maryland benefit company. This allowed us to do a good thing and use the money from our commercial charters to fund a good thing!


That is where we met many of you, our wonderful passengers.  You supported us and our mission and we made some new friends along the way.

Over the last three seasons, we made several key discoveries:


First, we learned that the benefit of recreational therapy is real. Our warfighters, their families and close support network were able to relax and enjoy themselves in ways they could not otherwise. The firsthand experience of the water was transformational. 


Second, we learned that many of you had been looking for a way to enjoy the Susquehanna and Chesapeake Bay at a reasonable cost, and you were happy to know your charter was the sole means to finance our military family support mission.  

Third, while we successfully provided charters to as many people as we could over the past three seasons, we observed that our sailing vessel was not large enough to provide enough benefits to enough people – we would always be limited to one small group of six at a time. 


Faced with these facts, we were forced to reassess both our business model and the feasibility of relying on an older boat that comes with maintenance issues and was not initially built for public charters.  We began to listen to that voice of business sustainability (money), with a little bit of Chief Brody from “Jaws” thrown in:


That’s right - we’re going to need a bigger boat!


Here comes the exciting part…


We have begun in earnest to restructure and reorganize around an enthusiastic team of fellow social and environmental entrepreneurs to form a new non-profit organization to fund the construction of a larger schooner, along with other Chesapeake Bay watercraft, which will not only fulfill our original mission to support military families and veterans, but have the capacity to address a broader scope of mission sets within the economic, cultural, and environmental reality of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. 


As we grow, we plan to also support other organizations that align with our mission sets, including the brave people of Ukraine, who have much in common with our military members as they defend the most precious principle to our country – democracy.

Although this new direction will take us away from, or severely limit the activities of our previous funding/service model, we decided that we must evolve and grow in order to survive, forcing us to halt, for now, our time-consuming public charters to solely focus on this next chapter. Our original goal, up until recently, was to reassess our time constraints as we met critical waypoints with our non-profit organization and possibly sail again later in the summer.  However, our concerns working with an older boat have now come into greater focus, and we must haul Principio out and assess her hull before considering any charters this summer, regardless of our initial intentions. 

THANK YOU ALL for supporting military families and providing the data we needed to grow and prosper.  We, along with our board of directors, will soon begin our fundraising activities to realize this exciting venture. Please continue to follow our current social media pages and stay tuned as we soon introduce our new organization with links to our new pages.  Feel free to contact us at any time to discover ways you can help and get directly involved.  We will keep you posted on the possibility of chartering later this summer.

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