In the beginning...

...there was Principio. The word Principio refers to the beginning or "primary" part of something. This is our first vessel, so the name fits. We also found a convenient connection between the steel of our vessel's hull and the nearby Principio Iron Works, founded in 1719. It is a name as solid as the iron the great furnace once produced to sell in London; familiar, rare and indicative of our place at the very head of the Chesapeake Bay and the mouth of the Susquehanna River.


Schooner Principio is a Ted Brewer design. If you would like to know more about this pillar of naval architecture, click here.  His work includes the well-known schooner Tree of Life and many more. Principio is an example of Mr. Brewer's Cor-Ten model steel hulled schooner, named after the corrosion resistant cor-ten steel.  


In the early 1990's, Maryland welder and boiler maker William Durkin set out to build this boat after his father decided it would help keep a young man occupied and out of trouble. The result was a Cor-Ten iteration that Ted Brewer and Bill Durkin could both be proud of- fast, simple and tough!


The boat is fitted with a full head, galley, large salon and berths for 5-6. She has a spacious cockpit and plenty of room on deck.  She is easily sailed with only two crew.  This is a very fast design that is much lighter and tender than she appears.  Because all of Ted Brewer's Cor-Tens are designed to cross oceans, Principio is dry, stable and comfortable. Sudden storms, for which the Chesapeake Bay is well known, are no problem for Principio; the party continues below while we wait out a squall.