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...a new kind of Chesapeake Bay nonprofit.

Chesapeake-powered, mission-driven.

Our Values, Goals and Missions

What We Do:  

We will create innovative solutions for people and the planet through immersive sailing experiences and partnerships within the maritime industry.  


Mission Sets:

To achieve this goal, we will construct new vessels, sail and power, which will provide multiple social, environmental, and economic benefits to society.  


We will support military families:

The impacts of military service affect not just the warfighter, but his or her support network as well. As we have demonstrated with our Liberty Launch Program, we will provide the gift of sailing to all military families and their extended support networks as a form of vital recreational therapy - free of charge. Our "Return to Service" campaign will provide the foundational capabilities needed to remain a hands-on, direct community engagement nonprofit organization.


We will protect the ecosystem of the Chesapeake Bay watershed: 

We strive to be an electric and sail-powered organization, greatly reducing our use of fossil fuels through wind, solar, and regenerative electrical power. We may, due to the limitations of current technology, rely on the safety and reliability of proven diesel propulsion. Exploring and implementing the latest and most efficient diesel engines will hopefully offset the use of older, more affordable diesel engines. Researching and communicating the state-of-the-electric-drive-art will be a priority. Demonstrating and championing green technologies to the public will be central to each of our missions and programs. We will educate passengers on our collective obligation to save the Chesapeake Bay through educational and environmental programs and participate in eco-friendly activities such as oyster restoration.


We will promote Chesapeake Bay culture:

Sailing on schooners and cruising on sleek deadrise workboats is at the heart of Chesapeake Bay culture. Crabcakes, oysters, rockfish, Old Bay, decoys, and waterfowl are enduring cultural icons of the Chesapeake Bay. Our history is rich and understanding and immersing our passengers into our culture is critical to preserving the uniqueness that is the Chesapeake.

We will build Chesapeake Bay tourism:

We will act as good will ambassadors to promote businesses aligned with tourism, ecotourism, food, and culture. We will sail to the waterfront towns of the Chesapeake, where will we create a real amenity to local restaurants, hotels and inns, by providing a uniquely Chesapeake Bay attraction right at their doorsteps.


Democracy is the most essential, basic component of the United States and the beating heart of American civil liberties; we will add to the defense of democracy and help meet the challenges of our current times. While PaxMaris Maritime Foundation will be a politically non-partisan entity, we will shine a light on general democratic values and institutions that ensure our society survives. We will encourage gatherings that focus on disseminating essential democratic principles, provide aide and comfort to military families and support the warfighter, whose job it is to defend our democracy through force of arms when called upon. 





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