We believe business should be a force for good and an agent of change concerned with the welfare of people and the planet.

A Sustainable Charity

Our founder wanted to build a charter boat company with a difference. The charter services he encountered only offered small discounts or one-off appreciation events to veterans and active duty military members, so he decided to do more. The result is Liberty Launch, a mission-driven, market-sustained benefit company that provides sailing experiences to veterans, active duty military and their families at all times, at no cost, without exception. We offer recreational therapy that combines human interaction, physical activity and the water to ease the impacts of service for those who place defending our country as their primary purpose. We are here for them and their families, not with discounts, but by making them our PRIMARY PURPOSE.

Our crew, partners and affiliated organizations share our goals and values.

We serve EVERYONE. Liberty Launch will not be able to keep sailing unless our commercial charter revenue shows up. Everyone can come sailing and when they do, everyone wins. The general public is our number one financial backer and financial partner. Come support a vet and their family with some recreational therapy of your own!


Mission Driven: Maryland Benefit Corporations

Liberty Launch is NOT a nonprofit!  It's something new, something more sustainable.

Imagine a world in which the self-serving profit motives of the classic corporation have been turned towards social benefit outcomes as well as profit. What would that look like? It would look like Liberty Launch VSO, Benefit Inc.

We bet you have never heard of a benefit corporation. That's ok, no one has and Liberty Launch would like to change that.  Maryland has had benefit corporation legislation in effect since 2010. Think of a B-Corp as the familiar, for-profit company, but with a registered, public charity mission. B-Corps receive no tax breaks or any other form of incentive to carry out this mission; it's a regular for-profit corporation, but one with a documented, public charity mission. When benefit corporations are established in Maryland, the incorporator must declare on the founding charter exactly what the company's social benefit mission will be. The incorporator must choose from an approved list of activities. That approved legal list of benefit corporation activity is the same list used by those founding 501(c)3 public charities. Benefit corporations share the same DNA as our famous non-profit cousins!  

But, at Liberty Launch, we use 100% of our corporate profits to carry out our social benefit mission. Liberty Launch is leading by example; turning profit motivation and return on investment to power social benefits for the Greater Military Community and their families.

As Liberty Launch grows, we will be able to afford the extra cost of becoming a certified B-Corporation through a non-profit called B-Lab. Benefit corporations that choose to can be certified as meeting additional qualifications and scrutiny above and beyond state law and reporting standards. There is also a significant fee required. Liberty Launch will jump through all of these hoops and fees because we feel that strongly about changing the nature of private corporate culture.

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Results for veterans, active duty military members and their families.

The core value of Liberty Launch is always being at the ready to serve. We believe that there are many ways to support those who defend our Nation. We are using our greatest strength, sailing, to best effect. We exist to be at the ready to take direct action, providing the services of repose, relief and camaraderie to the men and women who are willing to risk their lives so we can have things like schooners in the first place.  We don't pretend to be the best way to assist a vet, but we strive for excellence with the tools we have: camaraderie, wind, water, wood and steel.